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I am a software developer and manager with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I also built Twitter's largest anti-bot app.

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I am a senior software developer and manager with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I have strong skills in PHP, JavaScript and Python along with a lot of dev-ops experience including Docker. In addition, I have worked with database technologies including MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Elastic and SQL Server. I am also a proponent of Test Driven Development, SOLID principles and maintain a number of Open Source projects.

I have recently moved back into contracting but previously was the Head of Technology at Breakthrough Media where I ran a team of software developers, project managers and QAs. The work focused on web technologies such as WordPress, Laravel, Vue.js, and Jekyll, along with data insights work based on Tableau, Python and JavaScript.

Before Breakthrough Media I worked as a freelance software developer for a number of agencies. This includes BBH, Wolff Olins, WTG and WebCredible. The work ranged from private to public sector and had a focus on areas such as digital marketing and web development. Along with this I ran my own business which found success in 2012 / 13 when I released a social media analytics app that has been used by over one million people.

I have strong communication skills, have presented talks regularly in both business and public settings. And while at WebCredible I spent four years running their HTML and CSS training courses.

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