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A list of conference talks written by Rob Waller on software development and the tech industry.

Five Tips for Aspiring Tech Managers

Learning how to become a good tech manager is difficult. There isn’t a lot of documentation available and developers don’t discuss the topic a lot. This means most new managers learn on the job, which isn’t always ideal. My talk offers five tips to help developers begin their management journey.

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How to Handle Code Complexity

Complexity is an emergent property of code, at some point a codebase will cross a tipping point between simple and complicated.

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Prove Your Code Works: How to Communicate Quality

This talk delves into the topic of observability and how professional software developers can guarantee their software works and communicate this to others.

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Test to Break Principles

There are two types of tests a developer can write, ‘test to work’ and ‘test to break’. Both are essential to robust development, but many developers only use the former and not the latter. This talk explains why ‘test to break’ principles are essential to ensure robust application development .

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