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I am a software developer and manager with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I also built Twitter's largest anti-bot app.

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I am a senior software developer and manager with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I have strong skills in PHP, JavaScript and Python along with a lot of dev-ops experience including Docker. In addition, I have worked with database technologies including MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Elastic and SQL Server. I am also a proponent of Test Driven Development, SOLID principles and maintain a number of Open Source projects.

I have recently moved back into contracting but previously was the Head of Technology at Breakthrough Media where I ran a team of software developers, project managers and QAs. The work focused on web technologies such as WordPress, Laravel, Vue.js, and Jekyll, along with data insights work based on Tableau, Python and JavaScript.

Before Breakthrough Media I worked as a freelance software developer for a number of agencies. This includes BBH, Wolff Olins, WTG and WebCredible. The work ranged from private to public sector and had a focus on areas such as digital marketing and web development. Along with this I ran my own business which found success in 2012 / 13 when I released a social media analytics app that has been used by over one million people.

I have strong communication skills, have presented talks regularly in both business and public settings. And while at WebCredible I spent four years running their HTML and CSS training courses.

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PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ubuntu, Centos, Docker, MySQL, Mongo, Laravel, Slim, WordPress, Flask, Django, Jekyll, AWS, DigitalOcean, Tableau, Git, GitHub, GitLab


IFPI, Technical Consultant

August 2018 – October 2018

I worked at IFPI for a short period providing technical consultancy and advice while helping to manage the development team.

Breakthrough Media, Head of Technology

May 2016 – August 2018

Breakthrough were a communications agency where I was Head of Technology and ran the software development team which was made up of front-end and back-end developers, dev-ops, QA and project management. The team ranged in size from 8-16 during the period I was there. The majority of the work was based around the 40 WordPress websites we managed on behalf of their government and public sector clients. We took a modern approach to building WordPress websites including the use of Composer and Vue.js. We also ran and maintained a number of Laravel based websites for system monitoring and internal administration, and we built a number of Jekyl based websites. My role was both hands on and managerial and it included a lot of strategy and consultation work. I helped design a number of systems including data warehouses for Breakthrough’s government clients. In addition to this we managed and built data insights tools using Python, JavaScript and Tableau. All Breakthrough’s systems we hosted and maintained on AWS.

WTG (Web Technology Group -- Civica Group) PHP Senior Developer

October 2014 – March 2016

Web Technology Group, now part of Civica, were a development house who worked on UK Government projects. During my time at WTG I worked on a number of PHP based projects including two Laravel sites, a legacy rebuild and a greenfield project. I worked as both a senior developer and a lead developer, we worked in an agile environment with two week sprints and followed Test Driven Development principles. I also did a lot of dev-ops work helping setup and maintain local development and test environments for the teams I worked in.

Status People Ltd, Founder and Lead Developer

August 2011 – August 2018

StatusPeople was a Social Media Analytics company I founded in 2011. The company was closed in 2018 because I no longer felt I could offer a professional service to our paying clients. StatusPeople developed a number systems, all built around PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. The Fakers App was launched in 2012 and did Twitter follow analysis, highlighting how many fake followers an account had. It was very popular, was mentioned in Mashable and on CNN, has had over 1 million users and was still generating incoming when StatusPeople was shut down in 2018. The Fakers App is now run as a free to use Open Source project and is hosted and maintained on Digital Ocean. The Social Analytics platform allowed marketers to interact with their social media channels and track user interaction. This website was sold to another company in late 2013. My time running my business and supporting my own systems taught me a great deal about coding, dev-ops and database management as I had to build and maintain everything myself. Along with the business of technology and the contract law which sits around it. and Fakers App

In 2011 I started my own social media analytics company. In 2012 I launched the Fakers App, it has been very successful and been used by over one million people. It was also mentioned in the media across the world including Mashable along with an interview on CNN.

During 2013 I sold half of the business to a larger company, but I still run the Fakers App.



Jan 7th 2014

Forbes gave us a mention in their article about social media fame and how much it costs.

USA Today

Jan 5th 2014

USA Today mention StatusPeople in their article regarding Social Media click farms.


Apr 13th 2013

NDTV interview me for their progamme on Fake Social Meida and Politics, about 11 mins in.

New York Times

Apr 5th 2013

The New York Times mention StatusPeople in their article about how Fake Followers, Likes and Views on Social Media has become a multi-million dollar industry.

BBC Spain

Nov 8th 2012

BBC Spain asked me for my opinion on Nate Silver and his work on big data in relation to the US Elections. You might need to use Google Translate for this one.

Evening Standard

Oct 15th 2012

I was interviewed by the Evening Standard in relation to Fake Followers on Twitter and my Fakers App.

BBC Radio 4

Sep 3rd 2012

I appeared on BBC Radio 4 show You and Yours to discuss social media spam. I appear about 7 minutes in.


August 27th 2012

I appeared on CNN to discuss fake and spam followers on Twitter.

New York Times

August 22nd 2012

I was interviewed and mentioned in the New York Times in relation to the Fake Followers Apps.


August 22nd 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in Mashable.


August 13th 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in FastCompany.

The Telegraph

July 25th 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in The Telegraph in relation to former MP Louis Mensch's Twitter follower problems.