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The Fakers App

The Fakers App, was launched in 2012 and over a number of years became a very successful product. The app did follower analysis on Twitter to highlight how many followers were either fake or inactive on a user's account. This was a significant issue at the time as many people were buying fake followers for their Twitter accounts. This meant fellow users and organisations couldn't be sure how popular a Twitter account really was.

The app was used by over 1.5 million people, and it helped those users block and remove 10s of millions of fake followers from their Twitter accounts. There was a greate deal of media coverage across the world including an article in Mashable and in an interview on CNN.

It was closed down in early 2020 as it was felt the app's time had passed and it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. All of the code from the app was open sourced on GitHub so other developers might be able to repurpose some of the ideas contained within.

There was also nice feedback from users of the app once it was closed down, this was touching and highlighted its value to people and organisations.

I am very proud of the Fakers App, it had a significant impact on social media when it was released and for many years afterwards. But most importantly it taught me a great deal as a person and a software developer.

Media Coverage

The Fakers App received a great deal of media coverage for a number of years. below are some of the highlights.


Jan 7th 2014

Forbes gave us a mention in their article about social media fame and how much it costs.

USA Today

Jan 5th 2014

USA Today mention StatusPeople in their article regarding Social Media click farms.


Apr 13th 2013

NDTV interview me for their progamme on Fake Social Meida and Politics, about 11 mins in.

New York Times

Apr 5th 2013

The New York Times mention StatusPeople in their article about how Fake Followers, Likes and Views on Social Media has become a multi-million dollar industry.

BBC Spain

Nov 8th 2012

BBC Spain asked me for my opinion on Nate Silver and his work on big data in relation to the US Elections. You might need to use Google Translate for this one.

Evening Standard

Oct 15th 2012

I was interviewed by the Evening Standard in relation to Fake Followers on Twitter and my Fakers App.

BBC Radio 4

Sep 3rd 2012

I appeared on BBC Radio 4 show You and Yours to discuss social media spam. I appear about 7 minutes in.


August 27th 2012

I appeared on CNN to discuss fake and spam followers on Twitter.

New York Times

August 22nd 2012

I was interviewed and mentioned in the New York Times in relation to the Fake Followers Apps.


August 22nd 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in Mashable.


August 13th 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in FastCompany.

The Telegraph

July 25th 2012

The Fakers App got a mention in The Telegraph in relation to former MP Louis Mensch's Twitter follower problems.