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Useful Web Design Tools

Home > Blogs > Useful Web Design Tools By: Rob Waller, May 27, 2020 #web design #colours #fonts #icons

I’ve been working on a new website project and I’ve needed to give it a simple and reasonable design to get started. This is quite difficult as I have zero design skills.

There are though some great, free design tools online which are very helpful and I thought I’d make a quick note of a few of them. They may help other design incapable, back-end developers like myself.

Google Fonts: Obvious but very useful, if you need a free font to spice up your design a little use this tool. https://fonts.google.com/

SVG Repo: If you need some nice icons for your site then there are some lovely free ones available on this site. https://www.svgrepo.com/

Coolors: Need a colour scheme for your site then the Coolors colour scheme generator tool is really helpful. https://coolors.co/

Vecta Nano: You’ll probably want to compress any SVG icons you find online. If you only have a few of them then Vecta Nano is a very easy tool to use. https://vecta.io/nano