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It's Just a Small Job

Home > Blogs > It's Just a Small Job By: Rob Waller, August 06, 2018 #standards #development

Maintaining standards when writing code can be hard. There are lot’s of external pressures fighting against standards:

  • Time
  • Financials
  • Clients

As developers we’ll often hear the trope “it’s just a small job.” This is usually short hand for, “don’t worry about tests, principles or documentation, just write the code.”

It’s important developers resist this urge to cut corners. We should aim to do the best we can, whether the job is big or small. If we don’t we’re letting our clients and users down.

Imagine for a moment you’re on a plane before take off and the captain comes on the tannoy:

“Ladies and gentlemen, today’s flight is a short one so we’re not going to bother with any pre-flight checks and just get flying…”

Would you want to be on that plane? Probably not I imagine. The aviation industry maintain standards and go through pre-flight checks every time because they’re essential to customer confidence and satisfaction.

As developers we must maintain standards no matter what for the very same reasons.