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I am a software developer and manager with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I also built Twitter's largest anti-bot app.

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Why Tech Projects Fail

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Talk Abstract

Tech projects do not fail because of bad code. They fail for three reasons, management, planning and process, or in most cases lack of. Bad code is merely a symptom of project failure and if we want to ensure tech projects succeed we need to know how to manage, plan and implement process well.

Talk Description

This talk focuses on what good management, planning and process look like and explains why they are essential to successful tech projects.

  • Management: this sits at the heart of project failure, bad management always leads to project failure. Good managers hire the right developers, support their staff, and set realistic goals and deadlines.
  • Planning: developers need clear requirements to deliver what is desired. Good planning helps define understandable tasks, clarify complexity, highlight unknowns and define priority. All of which are essential to project success.
  • Process: helps ensure quality by catching bugs and ensuring business requirements are delivered. Process is not about code, but about communication, code reviews, testing and deployment steps. All of which ensure the end product is as good as it can be.


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